Saturday, August 27, 2011

Social Networking Sites....

Almost everyone, including myself has a social networking site that they frequent these days whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Linked In and the list could go on and on. These sites are great for people like me wanting to catch up with friends and family since I don't live near them. I also think they are a great networking tool for business also. You can reach new customers/clients, connect with fellow business men & women and get your name out there.

 Having said all of that I would like to rant a little bit about all the in between on these websites! I realize that the internet has made this world a much smaller place. We have access to anything and anyone at any given minute of the day. This really doesn't mean that we should tell everyone out there every detail about your day! I don't need to know that you got into a fight with your baby daddy or his girlfriend, or that you are going to take a nap in the middle of the afternoon nor do I want to see a mobile upload of everything you come into contact with.

I have seen full blown fighting back and forth on peoples walls or pages depending on the site. I mean every thing from a mother telling her daughter that she is a terrible mother who needs to come visit her children more often instead of her new boyfriend to a wife arguing with her spouse's high school girlfriend from 12+ years ago because they "friend-ed" each other! Not to mention that they have 8 or 9 hundred "friends" on their page to read all about how they haven't changed one little bit in all those years!

At what point do these people grow up, realize you aren't a child anymore, and stop the madness? Is it even possible for them to realize that what they are doing shows that they have no class at all? Or does having access to so many people from your past and present bring up all of their insecurities they may have had in high school?

Personally, I don't add anyone to my personal page that I don't know or haven't talked to in 10 years. My updates usually consist of things my children have done, places we have gone, etc. for our family to see and read about. I have never thought it was a good idea to get near a keyboard when you are angry or upset. Once that information is out there, it's out there. You can delete it, but you better believe it will never be totally gone...

Okay I am going to end my rant there. I could probably go on for days about the crazy posts I see, but my bet is that you can too! So tell me, what is the craziest or most ridiculous post you have read lately?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Well Hello!

This is my first personal blog so I am not sure that it will even be successful but here it is anyway! I am a mother which you will soon see in my posts is the most important thing in my life. I have two teenagers in my house which is quite the challenge. My son is 17 and a senior in high school and my daughter is 14 and a freshman in high school. I can say that they are very good children for the most part. Neither of them go out partying, or doing drugs and they both excel in school. My son is very athletic & artistic and my daughter is on a step team as she loves to dance. I also have a 9 year old daughter and a 2 year old daughter. We have a very full house to say the least! My 9 year old is so sweet and such an emotional child. She can sympathize with everyone and everything and just loves everyone by default. She was born very early weighing a whopping 3lbs and 13 inches long! By the grace of God, she was healthy and only had to stay in the hospital for a short time. Then there is my baby girl...She is by far a handful! I'm not sure if it's because it took us so many years to have her and by the time she was born our youngest at the time was 7 or what! Perhaps after not having a baby in the house for 7 years we forgot how to do it or got older and lost our patience or something, lol. She is a wonderful blessing and I thank God for her everyday. That being said, she has been the most challenging 2 year old I have met. She is very much attached to me to the point that I can't even use the restroom without her holding my hand. My hair is her security blanket so getting any "me" time is nearly impossible.

I am also a wife, to my best friend. Before you decide you want to vomit thinking that we are that mushy, kissing all the time couple I can assure you that is not the case. My husband is my best friend, I can tell him anything without judgement, he can deal with chaos better than anyone I know and I love him completely. We are not the mushy kind of couple as we have 4 children in the house and well they get grossed out if we just give each other a peck on the lips in front of them! We have a mutual respect for one another, we talk to each other everyday (actually having a conversation) and we trust one another 100%. I think that those three things are the key to a lasting marriage or relationship. Don't get me wrong we do bicker every now and again, but usually it's just me moaning & groaning about everything that has built up over that past month or whatever and doesn't even involve him. However I am this emotional, random and sometimes irrational person and he just happens to be there so I yell a little and then it's over. Personally, I think that it's healthy to have an argument now and then as long as it is just that a little argument. 
I am a partner in a small novelty business with one of my closest girl friends as well. This is a relatively new business, only being "live" for a year. I admit it is a little difficult to say the least, to run an online novelty business when you have children running around but it is very fun! Our little business is only a website, no physical store at this time but I do hope to open a brick and mortar store in the next couple of years. Instead of being a one stop shop for creepy pervs we are geared towards couples building a better sexual relationship. I think that a healthy sex life with your partner of course, leads to an overall better life.

So that was my long winded introduction to my life, and as I am sure you see already I do have a full, never dull life and I love every minute of it. My blog will mostly be about my day to day experiences and thoughts and perhaps a little ranting when necessary, lol. I hope that I can at least put a little smile on someone's face from time to time when they read the craziness I call life!